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Take control of your health, wellbeing and fitness with the Evergreen Life Personal Health Record app. The Evergreen Life Personal Health Record enables a new era of positive, informed and engaged healthcare for you and your trusted health providers, carers and family members. It brings all of your health, fitness and wellbeing information together in the palm of your hand and puts you in control. One record. One person at the heart of every decision: You.

New to the app: You can now download your personal GP record into the app, book GP appointments, order repeat prescriptions, view test results and share this information with carers and health professionals to bring them up to speed with your health. This is an improved service from Evergreen, is approved by the NHS.

Manage, track, record and monitor health information:
- Connect your GP record and be able to book appointments, order repeat prescriptions, receive test results and message your GP.
- Manage allergies, conditions, medications and vaccinations
- Measure heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose
- Keep track of your body fat percentage and hip-to-waist ratio


You can now connect your GP records with the app and have the latest view of your own healthcare information including:
- Current medications
- Medical conditions
- Allergy information
- Vaccination record with booster reminders
- Summary of medical history for use at home and abroad
- Ability to share information with family members and carers
- Healthcare document storage

Have you ever forgotten to take your medication, or do you care for a family member who doesn't always remember to take important medication? You can:
- Set up simple medication reminders
- Keep track with a Medication Diary
- Have a complete history of all medication taken

Whether you have asthma, diabetes or want to track your progress at the gym, the Health & Fitness Monitoring tool allows you to record and monitor a wide range of physiological results including:
- Peak expiratory flow
- Blood glucose
- Blood pressure
- Body fat %
- Muscle mass %
- And more...

If you choose to connect your GP record and your app, all of your information will be together, and you can share it with who you chose. You own it and you’re in control of it. At your discretion, Share & Care enables you to share information with trusted healthcare providers, loved ones, family members and carers in order to support you in receiving the health and care you want.

The Timeline gives you a complete historical picture of your health and fitness. You can view your:
- Most recent blood pressure readings
- When you began taking a certain medication
- How often you take your medication
- Your weight over a period of time
- And more...

For any questions or comments regarding the Evergreen Life Personal Health Record app please email our support team at:



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