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MindMate® is the best companion for those ‘young at heart’ who want to reduce the risk of developing memory loss or manage memory decline as they age.

Mindmate makes a difference to your health & wellness through brain exercise games, food & nutrition tips, innovative physical workouts and helps you stay independent using helpful tools & classic entertainment offerings.

Designed carefully to suit everyone's needs, MindMate is an multiple award winning app curated for you.

What our users say about us-

“This is by far the BEST App on my iPad!”- Cameron, 55

“I use MindMate to challenge my Memory, Attention and Problem Solving Skills. Since I use it, I'm much more active and happier! So much value for a free app!" Cynthia, 68

And the National Health Service uses MindMate too-

“There is a reason why the NHS uses MindMate. It helps our clients to train their brain and keep their bodies active. The games are fun and the healthy tips around proper nutrition and physical activity are fantastic to start following a healthier lifestyle”. Nanette, NHS Scotland

We help you to stay healthy, happy & independent for as long as possible. Here’s how -

Brain Games - Stimulate grey matter and reduce the risk of developing cognitive decline.

The MindMate App provides fun and interactive Games to stimulate your cognitive abilities based on world-leading research. Equally useful for Alzheimer’s, Dementia or Parkinson’s patients.

Food & Exercise - Stay active with expert advice on MindMate.

Eating the right things and doing exercises can make a real difference to your life. The MindMate App provides you with specially curated physical exercises and nutrition advice to help you live a healthier lifestyle and stay physically, and mentally fit.

TV & Music - For those leisurely afternoons.

We have a MUSIC & TELEVISION section within our app where you can watch, listen, dance and sing along with your loved-one to the greatest movies and hits from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. You can then test your knowledge with our music quizzes!

My Life - Cherish your memories. 

We let you build your life story, which can be shared with your family and friends. You can also store all the personal information, such as preferred food, favorite music etc. This is especially helpful when you have existing memory problems are wish to see a doctor or visit a hospital.

Tools - For those daily routine tasks.
For those users who already live with an early stage of dementia or alzheimers or normal aging, the MindMate App provides a unique everyday-tools package. This package contains tools to make notes, to-do lists and customisable reminders to help you in everything from grocery shopping to remembering anniversaries.

MindMate has won more than 15 Awards to date for its App.:
* Winner Converge Challenge 2016
* Winner of the Young Innovators Challenge 2015
* Winner at the European Telemedicine Conference 2015 in Denmark

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