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開発: Jiang Liu

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  • 2015-09-25リリース


Gobang is a from ancient to this two people game, the emphasis is there to attack and defend, antique interface band you revisit the classic games, its features are as follows:

1.Support the man-machine game, double game, kill method and rushed off.

2.Man-machine game is divided into four different difficulty levels.You will have high strength of the artificial intelligence against various stages of the player.

3.Kill method and rushed off mode for people love the challenge, let's say goodbye to the dull play

4.Support two move later, amplification and move later directly move later

5.Game is saved automatically, don't worry non-normal exit

6.Real-time gobang player ranking attention around the world, and their mutual competition

7.Share the situation to the circle of friends anytime and anywhere, meet friends challenges




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