wx24 Pilot

開発: 1 Echo Charlie, LLC

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  • 2015-12-03リリース


Wx24 Pilot gives superior weather awareness through its unique interface and innovative features. Wx24 Pilot allows to pilots understand a large amount of enroute (and area) weather forecasts and make a quick go/no go decision.

The Wx24 Pilot app represents International Metars, TAFs, & Pireps. USA Data: MOS, LAMP, NDFD, airmets, sigmets, TFRs, radar, prognosis & sig weather charts, forecast temperature, dew point spread, and cloud cover. Wx24 Pilot provides weather forecast for most of the smallest US airports.

Wx24 Pilot is free for weather up to 5 airports.
Subscriptions include flight planning, area weather, personal minimums, and US weather charts. Subscriptions are annual non renewing.



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