wx24 Pilot

開発: 1 Echo Charlie, LLC

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  • バージョン:5.6.2
  • 2016-07-18リリース


Wx24 Pilot gives superior weather awareness through its unique interface and innovative features. Wx24 Pilot allows to pilots understand a large amount of enroute (and area) weather forecasts and make a quick go/no go decision.

The Wx24 Pilot app represents International Metars, TAFs, & Pireps. USA Data: MOS, LAMP, NDFD, airmets, sigmets, TFRs, radar, prognosis, forecast temperature, dew point spread, and cloud cover. Wx24 Pilot provides weather forecast for most of the smallest US airports.

The free version Wx24 Pilot allows for up to 3 weather stations and has no advertising.

The full version includes flight planning features, personal minimums and US prognosis charts plus unlimited weather stations.



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